(Update) Beijing 2008 Olympics Asean Medal Tally

Update 2008-08-27 Wed: Corrected the medal count and added the Malaysia to the list, which was correctly tallied in the original Asean Tally page. Thanks to Global Voices Online, I re-checked the count (the tally was done manually :p ).

The Beijing 2008 Olympics closed at 12:21am of 2008-08-25 Monday, the Closing Ceremony started at 08:08pm of 2008-08-24 Sunday, ACT (Asean Common Time). [Note: ACT and China Local Time are both UTC+0800, no DST.] The next Summer Olympics will be on 2012, London, England (for the 3rd time!)

But before we get excited about London 2012 Olympics, here are the Asean Beijing 2008 Olympics Final Medal Tally, the updates that transpired, and the results of the Wushu Special Event during the Olympics.

(Trivia: The International Olympics Committee never allowed any other competitions in the host city during the Olympics – 1 Week Before up to 1 Week After. The Wushu Competition was allowed due to the fact that it is embedded in the Chinese culture. This is a first in Olympics history, and Wushu is on a bid to be part of the 2012 Olympics.)

Congratulations to All Asean Athletes! The same goes to the Special Olympics Event (the first in Olympic history) – Wushu.

Follow up:

  • Asean Total – 1 Gold; 4 Silver; 9 Bronze = 14 Medals
  • Indonesia – 1 Bronze = 1 Medal
  • Malaysia – 2 Silver; 3 Bronze = 5 Medals
  • Philippines – 1 Gold; 1 Silver; 2 Bronze = 4 Medals
  • VietNam – 1 Silver; 3 Bronze = 4 Medals

Under the Taolu discipline:

  • Men’s Nanquan & Nangun combined
    • Willy Wang (PHI) won Gold
    • Pui Fook Chien (MAS) won Bronze
  • Men’s Jianshu & Qiangshu combined
    • Lim Yew Fai (MAS) won Silver
    • Nguyen Huy Thanh (VIE) won Bronze
  • Women’s Daoshu & Gunshu combined
    • Chai Fong Wei (MAS) won Bronze
  • Women’s Nanquan & Nandao combined
    • Diana Bong Siong Lin (MAS) won Bronze
  • Women’s Jianshu & Qiangshu combined
    • Nguyen Mai Phuong (VIE) won Bronze
  • Women’s Taijiquan & Taijijian combined
    • Chai Fong Ying (MAS) won Silver

Under the Sanshou discipline:

  • Men’s 56kg
    • Benjie Rivera (PHI) won Bronze
  • Women’s 52kg
    • Mary Jane Estimar (PHI) won Silver
    • Nguyen Thuy Ngan (VIE) won Bronze
  • Women’s 60kg
    • Luong Thi Hoa (VIE) won Silver
    • Mariane Mariano (PHI) won Bronze

Nation Gold Medal Silver Medal Bronze Medal Total

(Grand Total)

3 6 3 12


1 1 3 5


0 1 0 1


0 1 0 1


2 2 0 4


0 1 0 1

Updates Summary from Asean 2008 Olympics Medal Tally

UPDATE #7 (2008-08-23 SAT @10:00am ACT [Asean Common Time])

Congratulations to Thailand’s Gold Medallist JONGJOHOR Somjit for winning the Boxing Men’s Fly (51kg) division and Silver Medallist BOONJUMNONG Manus for the Boxing Men’s Light Welter (64kg) division (I watched Manus’ fight a few hours ago). That gives Thailand 2 Gold and 2 Silver Medals.

UPDATE #6 (2008-08-21 THU @09:40am ACT [Asean Common Time])

Congratulations goes to PUEDPONG Buttree of Thailand for winning the Silver Medal in the Women’s 49kg Taekwondo competition.

UPDATE #5 (2008-08-18 MON @08:20am ACT [Asean Common Time])

Yesterday, ASEANs brought home a lot of medals from the Olympics.

  • Gold from KIDO Markis, SETIAWAN Hendra from Indonesia for the Badminton Men’s Doubles
  • Silver from LILIYANA, WIDIANTO Nova from Indonesia for the Badminton Mixed Doubles
  • Silver from LEE Chong Wei from Malaysia for the Badminton Men’s Singles
  • Silver from FENG Tianwei, LI Jia Wei, WANG Yue Gu, SUN Bei Bei from Singapore for the Table Tennis Women’s Team

Congratulations to all Athletes, their respective Nations, and the ASEANs for bringing home Medals from the Beijing 2008 Olympics!!

UPDATE #4 (2008-08-16 SAT @10:30am ACT [Asean Common Time])

Another Bronze for Indonesia! YULIANTI Maria Kristin won in the Badminton Women’s Singles today. Congratulations!!

UPDATE #3 (2008-08-12 TUE @7:20am ACT [Asean Common Time])

Indonesia brought ASEAN another Medal! TRIYATNO won Bronze in the Men’s 62kg Weightlifting sports competition. Congratulations to TRIYATNO, Indonesia, and all ASEANs!!

UPDATE #2 (2008-08-10 SUN @11:00pm ACT [Asean Common Time])

VietNam’s HOANG Anh Tuan and Indonesia’s IRAWAN Eko Yuli won Silver and Bronze medals respectively in the Men’s 56kg Weightlifting competition tonight. Congratulations to the athletes and to VietNam and Indonesia.

One-by-one, ASEAN Athletes are bringing home medals to our great region – the ASEAN Community.

UPDATE #1 (2008-08-10 SUN @6:10pm ACT [Asean Common Time])

Thailand brought us the first Olympic Gold for ASEANs!! Congratulations to JAROENRATTANATARAKOON Prapawadee and to Thailand for winning the Olympic Gold for Women’s 53kg Weightlifting.
Read the official news here.

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