ASEAN Reports 2008-02-18

This first ish are links to reports related to the ASEAN that we found to be interesting for ordinary people like YOU and me. This will be a regular thing, and I call this the “ASEAN Reports”. I originally envisioned this on a supposed to be a “group blog” called “ASEAN Citizens” but I’m moving it here – ASEAN – Asia’s Perfect 10.

Next issues could be reports written by YOU, so just submit it to us with the subject “ASEAN Reports”. Proper credits will be given. So without further ado:

Follow up:

ASEAN air force chiefs sign declaration of support to address terrorism
Summary: Air Force chiefs from all 10 member natios reaffirmed their commitment to fight terrorism together. They will share information, train together, and keep the communication line open. (Personal note: This could pave way to a real “Asean Air Force (AAF)” sometime in the future.)

Asean capital market forum kicks off today in Hanoi
Quoted: Participants will seek to engender legislations for businesses to issue shares in other countries to facilitate free-flowing capital within a manageable regional framework.

Now, the BEST news I’ve read today is:
Malaysian agrees to ratify Asean Charter
Summary: Simple, Malaysia is the 2nd member Nation (and one of the founder of ASEAN) to ratify the 1st ASEAN Charter/Constitution. (Personal note: My dear Philippine leaders, please, as one of the founder of ASEAN, and as a respect to our ancestors to whome the idea of a regional body originated, please ratify the Asean Charter!)

That’s all for today!

Always remember: ASEAN: One Vision, One Identity, One Community

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