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First of all, welcome to the “ASEAN Citizens” blog. And I am sure you are wondering what this blog is all about, right?

The “ASEAN Citizens” blog was conceptualized on 2005 by JC John SESE Cuneta, then it was just simply an ASEAN related blog. The vision was to discuss about what is going on in the ASEAN bloc, which is basically the South-East Asia (SEA) itself. A year passed, the plan changed to promoting the projects of the ASEAN like the “ASEAN Common Time” or “ACT” and the ASEAN Tourism, to mention a few.

This year, it slowly developed into becoming a blog where the different member countries will be presented to share and give knowledge about the culture of the diverse people of ASEAN. And here it is now, with the road clear as to what the blog will be all about – the ASEAN Citizens blog will (hopefully) be the haven for discussion and a resource centre for and about ASEAN targetted to the Citizens – that is YOU and me.

With the ASEAN (Economic) Community now expected to be implemented in 2015 (it’s 2007 as of this writing), and our governments busy with the “politics” and “economical” and “security” side of things, the majority of the ASEAN Citizens still do not understand to this day what “ASEAN (Community)” is all about, and what are the projects they are doing for us all.

In this blog, we will be discussing, sharing, and help create initiatives or movements, to get the information out there on the Citizens level. To help in making the region into an integrated community, and give us all a sense of what being an “ASEAN” is. Mold and develop the “ASEAN” identity; learn of other cultures of the other ASEAN member countries; and adopt the projects like the ASEAN Common Time for daily use. These are but a short list of what we can do and will do in this blog, and together with YOU, we can make a change, we can help in the integration, and we can leave our marks.

Showing to the world that the Citizens of ASEAN do care, and the new generation – our generation, are more serious into this matter than anyone ever imagined. The future is ours, if we will be under one flag and one identity, it is us who must mold that future, not just for ourselves, but also for our children.

Come join us, and be part of the “ASEAN Citizens” blog.

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ASEAN Citizens

The “ASEAN Citizens” blog was born on Sunday, 23rd of September 2007 at 12:00mn ACT (ASEAN Common Time).

* The “ASEAN Citizens” blog and the gameshogun.ws Blognetwork are in no way affiliated with the ASEAN, nor was it endorsed in any way.

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