VietNam, 6th Country to Ratify the ASEAN Charter

Remember what I said before in this post: 5th Country to Ratify the ASEAN Charter?

The next five that will ratify it are (in the following order of my prediction): VietNam, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Myanmar.

Follow up:

VietNam ratified the ASEAN Charter last March 6th and submitted the Intrument of Ratification on March 14th. It was signed by VietNam President Nguyen Minh Triet and submitted to ASEAN and the Foreign Ministers of member countries by VietNam Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Pham Gia Khiem.

Four countries left, namely – Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, and Myanmar. With the recent developments, I am more inclined that Thailand will ratify the Charter before Indonesia. The road for the new ASEAN is getting clearer, and slowly, the heavy burden is being put on the shoulders of Myanmar. The next three countries (Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines) are the founding fathers of ASEAN, if Myanmar ratifies the charter before them, then that will be big news.

Let’s all hope for the best!

Member State Government Ratification Deposit of
Instrument of Ratification
Signed by
Singapore Tuesday, 2007 December 18 Monday, 2008 January 07 Prime Minister
Brunei Darussalam Thursday, 2008 January 31 Friday, 2008 February 15 Sultan of Brunei Darussalam
Malaysia Thursday, 2008 February 14 Wednesday, 2008 February 20 Foreign Minister
Lao PDR Thursday, 2008 February 14 Wednesday, 2008 February 20 Prime Minister
Cambodia Tuesday, 2008 February 25 not yet submitted ?
VietNam Tuesday, 2008 March 06 Friday, 2008 March 14 President

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