Cambodia National Flower – Rumdul

The Mitrella mesnyi or Rumdul is the National Flower of the Kingdom of Cambodia. Rumdul is so common in Cambodia that one will hear this flower in Khmer (Cambodian) songs – Cambodian writers (stories, songs, ballads, poems) wrote songs telling of tales revolving around the Rumdul flower or about Rumdul itself, such examples are Rumdul Kraties and Rumdul Pursat.

Follow up:

Botanical Name Mitrella mesnyi
(English) Common Name Rumdul
(Cambodia) Common Name Rumdul

Cambodians love this flower that they grow it themselves for decoration of their houses. It was also used during the ancient Khmer times to produce lip waxes for women, thanks to its fragrant and attractive smell, today, Cambodian women are compared to Rumdul. The Rumdul tree grows to 8-12 meters in height, with a yellow-white flower – the Mitrella mesnyi.

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