Win U$20,000 in the ASEAN Anthem Competition

On Sunday, 2007-November-25, I wrote the A Citizen’s Summary of the 1st ASEAN Constitution and gave suggestions about the ASEAN Anthem which according to Article 40: ASEAN shall have an anthem – meaning that we do not have an Anthem yet. Some people have mistaken the ASEAN Hymn Song of Unity and ASEAN Community Song Let Us Move Ahead as the ASEAN Anthem, however, the ASEAN Charter says otherwise.

ASEAN Hymn: Song of Unity

ASEAN Community Song: Let Us Move Ahead

Follow up:

Article 40: ASEAN Anthem

This one, the ‘new’ ASEAN Anthem is still to be written and composed. I strongly suggest to our Secretary-General that you make this an open competition for all ASEAN Citizens. Entries must be recognized as “Asean”, not as “Filipino/Philippines”, “Singapore”, “Laotian”, “Khmer”, and so on. Then open a fool-proof voting system online and let the people take part in the voting for some percentage. Then the other percentage will be taken from the decision of the high-level and/or top-level ASEAN Ministers.

For the ASEAN Citizens, I suggest you start writing and composing, then gather everyone’s contribution together, I am listening to three ASEAN songs while writing this.

The time has come for all ASEAN Citizens to submit their compositions for the ASEAN Anthem! The winning entry will be played and sung during the ASEAN Flag Raising Ceremony on the 14th ASEAN Summit in Thailand and will receive U$20,000.

This is an Open Competition – open to all the Nationals of the 10-Member Countries of ASEAN.

  • 1st Round: National Competition in each member countries. Only 20 compositions will be selected for each country
  • 2nd Round: Regional Competition in Thailand in mid 2008-October. Only 20 compositions will be selected
  • Final Round: Of the Final-20 Compositions, one will be selected as the Official ASEAN Anthem

  • Language: English
  • The Anthem should incorporate the following elements:
    • Should reflect ASEAN Dignity, Coopration, and Solidarity;
    • Reflect ASEAN’s diverse culture and ethnicity;
    • The ASEAN Anthem should be an original composition;
    • Must be no longer than 60 seconds

The selected composition can be revised and rearranged into the Anthem of ASEAN. The ASEAN Anthem will be the Reserved Copyright of ASEAN.

The winning composition will receive U$20,000 (Twenty Thousand US Dollars).

We require that National representations to the ASEAN Composers Forum are able to judge on both lyrics and melody of all entries.

Thailand will convene an “ASEAN Composers Forum” consisting of one prominent composer from each Member Countries plus up to three prominent musical experts from a musical institution in a neutral country, in mind 2008-October.


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