About Me

    • English Name: JC John SESE Cuneta
    • Chinese Name: XIE, Shixi
    • Faith: Pentecostal Christian


    • Personality Type: INFP


    • A 5’10” tall guy. Average built with fair complexion. An Anime Otaku and Computer Geek. Theorist, Writer, Poet, programmer/developer.


  • Astrological Sign: Aquarius
  • Astrological Element: Air
  • Chinese Animal: Dog
  • Chinese Element: Water
  • Japanese Zodiac: Blood Type-O+
  • Flower: Carnation, Snowdrop
  • Colours: Various -Red, Pink, White, Blue
  • Modern, Traditional, Ayurvedic Birthstone: Garnet
  • Mystical Birthstone: Emerald
  • Other Birthstone: Rose Quartz
  • Star Sign Birthstone: Moss Agate, Opal, Amethyst
  • Lucky Charms: Garnet, Hyacinth
  • Talismanic: Jasper
  • Planetary Stone: Turquoise


    • Third Company: Shangri-La Hotel Hong Kong



  • First Company: Level Up! Inc. (LU!)
  • Position: Pioneer GameMaster & BugTester
  • Stay: June 2003 ~ May 2004

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