Laser Tag Real life games

In contrast to all online games, information about we've published earlier, Laser Tag is a game in the real world. It belongs to the categories of Realtime Shooter or MMORPG. You have your location, you have your own weapon, your goal is to destroy the opponent's team players or perform some missions, you can fulfil some role and in some scenarios you can development your character. To play this game you also need special laser tag equipment, which can be found here. Come out and play laser tag!

Swordsman Closed Beta Key Giveaway

Perfect World Entertainment together with gameshogun, is giving away Closed Beta Test keys for the highly anticipated game, Swordsman! These CB keys will not only give you guaranteed access to the on-going CBT but you will also receive special promotional items once the game enters Open Beta. However, you must play the game and help PWE test Swordsman before it goes live, simply redeeming your key is not enough.

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