Comment from: bob [Visitor]
hey man sorry to bother u with this.. but i have been trying to get EVE to work with my t61 with ubuntu hardy 8.04 for a few days now with no success. it installed but every time i try to run it i get a second of seeing the splash screen and then it vanishes and nothing happens. any help at all from anyone would be greatly appreciated. my email is bobbymard@hotmail.com ty :)
05/19/08 @ 08:41
Comment from: JC John Sese Cuneta [Member] · http://laibcoms.asia
I haven't tried running EVE on Hardy yet, but it should work since EVE for GNU/Linux is supported directly by the EVE team.

I suggest asking for help on their official site. They're one of the few games who offers support for our favorite OS ;)

05/21/08 @ 10:48
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