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Blogosphere Blackout

After six years of service, Journalspace went offline, not because of financial difficulties or whatever reason that they have to pull-the-plug, but because of a backup failure. Quoting Journalspace: Here is what happened: the server which held… more »

VietNam regulates Blogging

Viet Nam's Ministry of Information and Communication is the agency that regulates the Internet in the country as compared to China's "Great Firewall of China" (not an agency), bans subversive blogging. According to Hanoi Moi, which quoted a minist… more » vs Virtual Worlds

Well, it is actually vs NCsoft but the Patents that were supposedly violated by NCsoft is broad and covers most of the Virtual Worlds out there. holds US Patent #7,181,690 "System and Method for Enabling Users to Interact in… more »