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The Fearless Goat Out in the Wild

Canonical Ltd. finally released to the wild the 'Fearless Goat' or officially called "Intrepid Ibex". This is version 8.10 of Ubuntu, the most popular Debian distribution today and is gaining more converts from the GNU/Linux OS in general as well as Mic… more »

The New Picasa Web Albums and Picasa 3.0 Beta

Google is in an Anniversary spirit as they release new projects and upgrades one after another. This time it is Google Picasa 3.0 Beta and Google Picasa Web Albums. I've been a long-time user of both products (other than being a Google fa… more »

(Update #3) Google Joins the Browser War

Google launch their FLOSS (Free/Libre Open-Source Software) Browser called Google Chrome based on the following FLOSS projects: Layout Engine: WebKit - the same layout engine found in Safari 3.1.0 (which is old - more below) Rich Internet Applicati… more »