WINE 1.2-stable Officially Out! Get it while it's HOT!!


WINE or WINE Is Not an Emulator, is not “forever alpha/beta” as it was jokingly introduced by WINE users. Yes, after two years of active development, version 1.2 is now officially available for download, replacing the 0-stable branch.

With over 23,000 changes; 3,000 bug fixes; and the much awaited 64-bit support, this makes WINE even more useful for all GNU/Linux users, especially gamers and those who are having a hard time making a switch from their favorite Windows-only application to a (better) FLOSS application.

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Comment Changes

As you well know, gameshogun™ is using Disqus for our comment system needs. The reason for this is mainly to make it easy to combat spam as they have a better system of doing it, and it is also easier to manage the comments.

There are no problems with b2evolution’s anti-spam system, in fact I have not seen a strong built-in anti-spam system like b2evolution’s - and that is without using Akismet yet! However, as I mentioned Disqus still has a better system and that’s the way to go.

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Foursquare Venue Names Standardization

Sooner or later, Foursquare must standardize it’s venue naming convention. Truth be told, it should be now not later. Venue naming is already chaotic and it only adds more duplicate venues than before.

I even saw one user entering the same venue 4 times and another venue 5 times! Why? The venue can be written in different ways. I can say this guy is a seasoned Foursquare user because he added a lot of other venues, we can assume that he is aware of the rules and guidelines in entering a new venue.

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