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StarCraft II this July 27th

On April 28th I posted this microblog entry:Maybe... #StarCraft2 release month: July. #WorldOfWarcraft Cataclysm XPAC: June #BlizzChat ;pSource: April 28 microblog postGuess what? StarCraft® II: Wings of Liberty™ launch is on Ju… more »

Complete List of StarCraft II Cheat Codes

Nethaera from the official StarCraft II blog posted the officially sanctioned cheat codes for the game. Ranging from general cheats to easter egg cheats.Here's a table of the official SC2 cheat codes.table.tabletemp { border-width: 2px;… more »

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Asian Pricing

According to a press release posted on Business Wire, Blizzard Entertainment's suggested retail price for StarCraft II®: Wings of Liberty™, the much awaited sequel to the number one real-time strategy game of all time StarCraft: Brood War®… more »