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Level Up! Inc. and IP E-Game Ventures Inc. Signs Merger

Four days ago, I shouted about a "huge news in the Philippines Gaming industry coming this week". This was the merging of Level Up! Inc. and IP E-Game Ventures, Inc., or as is known by the gaming community as Level Up! Philippines and e-Games Philippine… more »

The Loyal Guilds of IP e-Games

A shout out to all the guilds that showed their support for their favorite games. You guys deserve a special mention for without you, these online games will not survive. It is the community (that means YOU) that makes the world of online gaming fun,… more »

How-To Install Runes of Magic on Ubuntu Linux

Once again I am going to guide you in installing a Windows-based MMOG. I showed you before how to install World of Warcraft in Ubuntu Linux by using PlayOnLinux. This time, I am going to give you the steps in installing Runes of Magic in, what else,… more »

The Guild Masters' Forum - A Big Success

Yesterday I went to the Pinoy Gaming Network's Guild Masters' Forum where Guild Masters learned how their leadership skills can be used in the real-world. It was a blast! The venue was filled-up, every seat and every table taken, the oth… more »


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