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Download the Aion Open Beta Client Now!

NCsoft announced the availability of the open beta client for Aion. There are different methods to get the open beta client, the usual and most common via FilePlanet and GamersHell (will be up later this week). Or via the most popular P2P Network - B… more »

Order AION Now!

If you live in the Asean region (or anywhere in the world where Aion is not being sold) and you want to play Aion just follow these simple steps to get your Aion and join the thousands (or maybe even millions) of players who will login on the September l… more »

Guild Wars Aion Wings

Guild Wars Elementalist with Aion wings Have you ever dreamed of having wings for your Guild Wars® characters, then now that dream will come true. NCsoft is having a limited cross-promotion of their upcoming online game Aion™. To get the Aio… more »