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Vindictus Transformation Stage 2 Arrives

Today's new content patch not only comes with a new hero named "Karok" but the much awaited Transformation Stage 2 for both Paladins and Dark Knights. This new patch balances the Pally/DK transformation by splitting up the talent tree into two stages.… more »

PopTag! Shutsdown

I'm a big fan of Bomberman and so when I was introduced to Nexon's PopTag! I was easily hooked. A fun game to play especially that there are plenty of professional PT players, which makes the game a real challenge for me. So many things to learn, strat… more »

(Update) Dragon Nest - North America Closed Beta on June 15

Thousands of players have applied for a spot on the upcoming Dragon Nest North America Closed Beta… many have waited patiently… some have already given up. But the day has come to know if you will be playing this June's closed beta launch.Simply vis… more »

[Video] 30-man Raid system test footage

Get a glimpse of how the 30-man raid system will work and look like in this test footage. more »

[Video] Transformation stage 2 Teaser

I can't wait! more »
The next version of Ubuntu is coming soon

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