Integrate winetricks in PlayOnLinux

Okay, you already installed PlayOnLinux just as instructed. You already installed games like Guild Wars and World of Warcraft. Cool!

But one day you tried installing another game (or any other application) but it requires some Microsoft® drivers and whatever proprietary software it needs. You got stuck. Well, today is the day when you will finally have the solution into your hands!!

Want to know what it is? Or more exactly (since the title already gave it away), how to do it? I’ll show you how.

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How-To Install Runes of Magic on Ubuntu Linux

Once again I am going to guide you in installing a Windows-based MMOG. I showed you before how to install World of Warcraft in Ubuntu Linux by using PlayOnLinux.

This time, I am going to give you the steps in installing Runes of Magic in, what else, Ubuntu Linux! And once again via PlayOnLinux!

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Blog Action Day: This Is Our Story...

Today is (Pilipinas) Blog Action Day and the topic is about Climate Change. Here’s our story and my point-of-view.

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