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MechWarrior 4 and Expansions to be Downloadable Free - Soon!

BattleTech and announced that Smith & Tinker has authorized them to distribute and package a worldwide free release of the popular MechWarrior 4 game including ALL of its Expansions. This is in commemoration of BattleTech's 25th ann… more »

Neverwinter Nights Online Coming Soon?

Atari recently acquired Cryptic Studios, the company that developed the popular Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game City of Heroes/Villains for NCsoft. Cryptic Studios is currently developing two new MMORPGs, Champions Online which will be… more »

Final Fantasy XIV Online Announced

Many have known this for a long time and so it doesn't come as a surprise when Square Enix Co., Ltd. announced their second Final Fantasy MMORPG - Final Fantasy XIV. The game will be released in both PlayStation3 and Windows PC, and it is an all new gam… more »