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Heroes of Newerth Wikipedia Page Vandalized!

Today I visited the Wikipedia entry of Heroes of Newerth to check on some information that I can't remember. To my surprise, the page for HoN has been vandalized by a League of Legends zealot, calling it as fags-only, lame, and horrible to mention a few… more »

Garena Answers Questions About Heroes of Newerth

ziE (JLo :p ) answered the burning questions of HoN and Garena fans about the upcoming Heroes of Newerth Garena Beta. Here are some of the questions and answers.Question from mellimiummark: I still have 3 Beta Keys from my US server account...… more »

Heroes of Newerth Free-to-Play for Asean Nations!

Two days ago, the stand-alone online-network game Heroes of Newerth launched globally. However, if you live in Asean, particularly the nations of Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam, you will not be able to buy HoN and play the game.Th… more »

Heroes of Newerth to Launch on May 12th

Blizzard Entertainment's WarCraft III developed an extensive system for the game which allowed custom maps to be a whole game of its own like the cult Defense of the Ancients or "DotA". This has inspired many developers to create a stand-alone version o… more »


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