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Nexon America Acquires Publishing Rights to Shadow Company

On the 14th of February 2012, Nexon America released their 2011 Financial report, in it included the news that they have acquired the publishing rights to Doobic Studio's latest MMOFPG game - Shadow Company Nexon is already publishing another game… more »

Nexon Licenses Unreal Engine 3 for Combat Arms: Zombies

The 3-D first person shooter to be revealed at G-Star 2011 prior to November launchLOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nexon Mobile Corp., the innovative mobile game development arm of Nexon Co. Ltd., will launch "Combat Arms: Zombies" for the iOS platform… more »

The Free Game Alliance Initiative

A new gaming initiative launched today, the Free Game Alliance or "FGA". What is it? In their words: The Free Game Alliance (FGA) is a great collection of Open Source games, one per genre, which will keep you busy for years to come.The founding mem… more »

Firefall - the Spiritual Successor of Tabula Rasa

I have been playing First-Person Shooter ("FPS") games for the past two to three months and I am happy that I was able to "catch-up" with today's FPS speed, now I'm not getting dizzy. Currently active in Nexon's CombatArms and I want more! Here comes… more »


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