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Ryzom Official Native Linux Client Now Available!

Remember Ryzom? Or maybe you know them by the name Saga of Ryzom? Six months ago they FLOSS/FOSS'd their server and client code, and the art assets under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike. (read: Ryzom Embraces Free Software and Creative Common… more »

Firefall - the Spiritual Successor of Tabula Rasa

I have been playing First-Person Shooter ("FPS") games for the past two to three months and I am happy that I was able to "catch-up" with today's FPS speed, now I'm not getting dizzy. Currently active in Nexon's CombatArms and I want more! Here comes… more »

UWO Open Beta / Commercial Client Now Available

The Uncharted Waters Online open beta client is now available for download. This client is valid up to the commercial launch which will probably be a week or two after October 1st, the day the servers goes live for OBT. Why not? The game is playable… more »