Leave John Reese Alone Video

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Well, to this blog it seems BlogRush is doing wonders for him. I found his post entitled, Leave John Reese Alone while checking what links are appearing on the BlogRush widget here in gameshogun.ws Blognet.

I clicked and found this video, a fan of John Reese and BlogRush that was uploaded to YouTube, sending his message to all those, according to him, “bashing” John Reese, and those calling (according to him) “BlogRush a (Pyramid Scheme) Scam“.

Watch this video:

If you don’t know what BlogRush is, then click here and know more.

Is BlogRush working for me? We’ll see in the next few days…

Upgraded to b2evolution v2.0.0-alpha-1

Finished upgrading gameshogun.ws Blognet to b2evolution v2.0.0-alpha-1, the latest production-site release of b2evolution, the blogging software behind this blog network.

It is easy to upgrade, and quite fast. What took it this long is the upgrade of the Midnight skin to Skins 2.0, the new Skinning version behind b2evolution v2.0. Every b2evolution user must re-learn the skinning-files of b2evo, but the rest are mostly the same. The best part is the Widgets feature, which was explained by ¥åßßå here. I will be discussing the skinning-files of b2evolution v2.0 this week, so subscribe to our XML Feeds, to learn the new Skins 2.0 structure.

Also upgraded, is the ADs back-end of gameshogun.ws Blognet - OpenADs now version 2.4, which was released last week. If you are looking to run your own ADs system, OpenADs v2.4 is your best choice, in fact, its the best in the market - for free!

Finally, there will be lots of changes as we bring gameshogun.ws Blognet to a new path. There will be heavy re-organization of the blogs (and categories for that matter). You will see blogs retiring, blogs merging, and new blogs being born (the last will depend on YOU, the readers and fellow bloggers). As you can see, we tag ourself as a “BlognetTM“, our short-term for “Blog Network", as part of the original plan, and the new path, the changes will bring gameshogun.ws much more closer to being a BlognetTM.

So we welcome all of you, new and old readers alike to gameshogun.ws BlognetTM!!

b2evolution v2.0.0-alpha-1
OpenADs 2.4 Stable

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You Are the Music In Me (High School Musical 2)

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Category: General, Music Video, General

Thanks to my One and Only Sherlene for the video. I love it! You never ceases to amaze me. You are the Music in Me Sherlene!

Gmail Behind the Scenes (Final Cut)

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Category: General, Funny, Cool

The Final Cut of the contest (read here).

Farewell to Philippine Perfect World CBT

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This is the video created by the Holy Order of the Light™, the guild I founded that is going stronger everyday for more than 4 years already.

This video is their farewell to the Closed Beta Test of the Philippine Perfect World (pPW).

Well done guys!

Join the Holy Order of the Light™ now!

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