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Richard Garriott accompanied Professor Stephen Hawking on his amazing zero-gravity flight

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The father of MMORPG and the one who revolutionized electronic RPGs - Richard “Lord British” Garriott, blogs about his experience on zero-gravity together with his girlfriend and the great scientist Professor Stephen William Hawking.

Professor Hawking has had a lifelong desire to travel into space, and zero-g flights are now among the first steps in that journey. Also organized as a benefit for several charitable organizations, the Hawking flight raised over $144,000 for these charities.

Read more about the Hawking Flight through the eyes, experience, and words of Lord British by clicking here.

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Einstein was right: space-time bend

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Everyone know who Einstein is, but very few understands his great theories, that later turned into laws. One of it is Einstein’s Relativity and Space-Time.

Yes, it is space-time not “space and time".

Read the complete news by clicking here.



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