Upgraded to b2evolution v2.0.0-alpha-1

Finished upgrading gameshogun.ws Blognet to b2evolution v2.0.0-alpha-1, the latest production-site release of b2evolution, the blogging software behind this blog network.

It is easy to upgrade, and quite fast. What took it this long is the upgrade of the Midnight skin to Skins 2.0, the new Skinning version behind b2evolution v2.0. Every b2evolution user must re-learn the skinning-files of b2evo, but the rest are mostly the same. The best part is the Widgets feature, which was explained by ¥åßßå here. I will be discussing the skinning-files of b2evolution v2.0 this week, so subscribe to our XML Feeds, to learn the new Skins 2.0 structure.

Also upgraded, is the ADs back-end of gameshogun.ws Blognet - OpenADs now version 2.4, which was released last week. If you are looking to run your own ADs system, OpenADs v2.4 is your best choice, in fact, its the best in the market - for free!

Finally, there will be lots of changes as we bring gameshogun.ws Blognet to a new path. There will be heavy re-organization of the blogs (and categories for that matter). You will see blogs retiring, blogs merging, and new blogs being born (the last will depend on YOU, the readers and fellow bloggers). As you can see, we tag ourself as a “BlognetTM“, our short-term for “Blog Network", as part of the original plan, and the new path, the changes will bring gameshogun.ws much more closer to being a BlognetTM.

So we welcome all of you, new and old readers alike to gameshogun.ws BlognetTM!!

b2evolution v2.0.0-alpha-1
OpenADs 2.4 Stable

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August 11, 2007 Saturday, New Online Game Rumours for the Philippines

Posted by Shixi XIE Email @916 / 04:59:54pm (146 words, 5122 views) en-PH-utf-8
Category: Rumours

August 11, 2007 Saturday update for online games rumoured to be published in the Philippines.

1) Dekaron (re-branded as 2Moons) by Mobius/dme

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Philippine Online Games List for Competitive Online Games - August 11, 2007 Saturday

Posted by Shixi XIE Email @870 / 03:53:36pm (163 words, 4615 views) en-PH-utf-8
Category: Competitive Online Games (COG)

Philippine Online Games List - August 11, 2007 Saturday, 3:55pm ACT (ASEAN Common Time) - Competitive Online Games.

1) N-Age by GPLAYON
* N-Age was developed by the same company that developed RAN Online

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Philippine Online Games List for Casual Online Games - August 11, 2007 Saturday

Posted by Shixi XIE Email @860 / 03:39:49pm (548 words, 4527 views) en-PH-utf-8
Category: Casual Games

Philippine Online Games List - August 11, 2007 Saturday, 3:40pm ACT (ASEAN Common Time) - Casual Games

1) GetAmped Philippines by amped network
2) MB Story by GPLAYON

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